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The flash combustion of smoke!
Pellet Stoves: The Truth
Pellet Stoves: The Truth

Why informed folks choose wood flash combustion over wood pellet heating...

As an engineer with 30 years in the business, I stay away from opinions. I demonstrate facts that folks are unaware of; facts you'd be hard pressed to locate with web research. My gift is a rare ability to prove by demonstrations the pro's and con's of wood pellet vs wood log heating. For those who allow me to demonstrate, they have never chosen a pellet stove. They didn't get a wood stove either in the sense of what they understood them to be. They got a flash combustion stove; an entirely new, economical, trouble free product. It's noteworthy to observe flash combustion stoves are 3 times better than air tight wood stoves, but equally noteworthy to learn that there exists a uniquely constructed model of extreme value.

In conclusion:

Given the sum of 5 major improvement, wood burning is 3-4 times better than you thought.

Hidden downsides to pellet stoves most folks learn about after purchasing one:

  1. Pellet stoves may be cheaper to vent, but they cost $1200 more than a comparable flash combustion stove. A high heat output pellet stove costs about $3200. The best quality comparable output wood stove is $1900.
  2. The long burn time of a pellet stove is when you adjust it down to heat the area of a bathroom. Turn the pellet stove up to heat a 2000 square foot home, and find it has no longer of a burn time than today's Flash Combustion stoves. In other words, they have similar burn times given the same area heated & poundage of fuel used.
  3. Pellets come in heavy 40 pound bags. At least with wood, you can choose to carry less than 40 lbs (pick up less logs). Pellets cannot be stored outside.
  4. Pellet stoves require expensive maintenance, especially after a few years. If pellets absorb water or humidity, time consuming maintenance is required.
  5. Pellet stoves don't work during power outages unless you buy an expensive battery backup system.
  6. The pellet fire view is pitiful. Smoke combustion fire views are beautiful, and can easily be maintained 24/7 without over heating.
  7. The pellet fan and auger make noise and need service.
  8. Ash removal is three times more frequent with pellet than a flash combustion stove.
  9. With a good wood carrier, it can be clean to transport wood, and good exercise.
  10. Using half the wood of previous generation air-tight stoves, wood is cheaper as a fuel than pellet.
  11. It is unlikely there will be enough new construction sawdust to meet the previous demand for pellets, let alone the threefold increase in demand this year. Typically by mid-January there are little to no pellets to be found.