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About Us

The Fireside Stove Difference

In 2002, after 12 years dealing with many stove brands, including 'Lopi' stoves, my store was transferred to what is known now as Wakefield Fireplace & Grills. The reason being is that after 1500 stove sales in 12 years, I was turning into a stove parts and repair service, as stoves would need maintenance and services on a widespread scale, with demand all at once with the first cold snap, interfering with my first love; chimney restoration. Both businesses had the same short busy season. Being obligated to service stoves I sold, I was losing more profitable chimney clients. However, shortly after 2002, I discovered a uniquely engineered stove line that would rarely require non-profit service calls, with extreme quality wouldn't nickel and dime my customers, or ever require a replacement stove, even if badly abused.

In these following 15 years with over 1400 ultra durable Country and Ironstrike stoves sold, not a single stove has needed any measurable service. Link to why extreme quality is important

About John Debar

Prior to starting Ocean State Chimney Services in 1987 and opening Wakefield Stove & Fireplace in 1990, I served in the Air-Force at the end of the Vietnam war, until 1976. I then studied engineering from 1977 to 1985. However, not content with engineering, I decided to use my creative talents with chimney restoration. This kept me physically active, and also allowed me to work outdoors in beautiful southern RI, and meet so many great folks.

As a trained writer and educator for 30 years, the demonstrations are fun and extremely educational. I share important decision making info you won't find demonstrated elsewhere, most of which is contrary to what visitors had known or read about. Proving multiple hard-to-believe advancements of flash combustion stoves by demonstration is powerful. Showing why exceptional quality is critically important will save you from a total loss shortly down the road. Here is a link to the Library, and other helpful info.